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Fight with Churn

Similar customers combine a past customer behavior an intelligent look-alike modeling algorithm to build a list of customers who are likely to engage, retain, convert or churn, automatically delivered in your inbox.


Anticipate customers at risk.

Customer Health Score is a metric designed to predict a customer’s likelihood to stay a customer – or churn. CHS is a metric that provides insight into what is happening in your customer accounts early enough that you can be proactive.


customer success
at scale.

Run custom campaigns to drive your customer at success. By automating engagement emails when account usage drops, automate onboarding email when the customer is created, automated message for low touch customers or automate alerts at risk of churn


See how your customers really are using your cloud application

Stop wasting time trying to figure out which is the "best resource," "who is the best customer," "why do not customers retain?" Turn your business into a data-driven enterprise.

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